Services & Charges


Service Charges Comments
Hire Charges for Langar / Preeti Bhoj £251 Including use of the Kitchen. Additionally all goods and materials to be supplied or purchased from the Mandir

Preeti Bhoj (Daal, 1 Veg, Dahi, Chawal, Roti, Sweet)


Additional Sabzi (£100)
Plus Cleaner (£50)


Pooja / Havan at residences (Inside Glasgow) £31+  

Pooja / Havan at residences (Outside Glasgow)




Car Puja



Havan at the Mandir premises



Puja in the Mandir – performed on request



Wedding Charges (to include Mehndi,Shagan, Engagement, Chunni etc)


Wedding outside Glasgow area (30 miles outside)


Wedding functions at the Mandir premises (Downstairs hall)

£551 Full all inclusive package – Use Function Hall, Dining Hall / Kitchen, Bedi, Donation Mandir, Cleaner etc) USER TO ARRANGE OWN CATERING.

Should you require us to organise Catering, please enquire.

Wedding Cermony in the Main Hall

£551 + £500 (surcharge)  upstairs Main Hall